Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kaylee's Big Weekend

This weekend Kaylee brought to bring home the class pet- Frrrrrooooooooggggggyyyyy.

He went with us everywhere, including her first soccer game! We've had nervous breakdowns all weekend keeping this stuffed guy away from Cocoa, the animal destroyer of stuffed.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Make Puppy Cupcakes

Tomorrow little bit turns 5. Wow!
So off to school go puppy cupcakes. It's the last year I can make them myself, as they have a rule here in Lewisville ISD about that stuff.
I made the basic chocolate variety, buttercream icing piped on by bag, then the fun started.
Gingersnaps (used because they are MY favorite and there will be left overs :-) )cut in half are the ears, chocolate chips are the eyes and a Reeses baking chip (tiny reeses cups) are the nose. The tongues are a tiny slice of a red gummy worm.
Dog-gone fun!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lemon Truck Just Dumped on Me

You know the saying, when life gives you lemons??? Today the lemon truck dropped by...

Kaylee's first day of PreK 5, and I don't work out of the house on Tuesday/Thursday- so my first day at home alone since I had children. BIZARRE. I can do some work for dh, then a secret shop, then pick Kaylee up and life is good, right.

HOLD IT MISTER, not so fast.

Computer crash. BIG CRASH.
Go to do secret shop, they can only take CASH today.
Go to Cash machine, my card's not working.
Finally get cash, do shop-- already time to pick up Kaylee. Boy that went fast!

Come home, now computer is working, but no time!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Greeting The Soldiers

When the alarm went off early this Saturday morning, the look on my face was not one of "get-up-and-go".

As a family we had gone last month to DFW airport to greet the soldiers returning to the US. The girls had made posters, bathed- put on their best red white and blue... and the plane did not come that day. So today, we decided to go again.

I pulled myself up, but couldn't find my spirit-- until after I got there. Even before the soldiers arrived, I had goose bumps. Families were gleaming, waiting on loved ones. We formed two lines and held our signs and flags, and patriotic music played loudly from a stereo. Then they started coming through the line.

A few looked a little overwhelmed by us, but most shook our hands and gave a hearty smile. The girls held their "WELCOME HOME. Thank you!" signs and waived flags. I noticed how young, and how tired some of them looked. I wondered if they had to go right back? Some were from the cape of Africa, some from Iraq, and some from other places. Some were injured, some were hurrying to meet a plane.

I left with goosebumps and a song in my heart. My hubby had a tear in his eye.

It was more than I had planned for. We'll be back next month.
Thank you.. thank you for not everything you do, and everything you represent, but also thank you for reminding ME how much there is to be thankful for.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Humility, it's a tough game...

Tonight we were playing Monopoly Junior, and my youngest (who for some reason always wins this game!) was making comments like "Ha Ha! I win again! I'm so glad I won again!"

Hmmmm.... how to teach a little humility.

Kaylee is at that (and I use this term VERY loosely) tender age. The age where you want them to be building self confidence, to have pride in their accomplishments.

We've tried modeling, explaining the RIGHT things to say, and many other ideas... but she just isn't on the humility train.
I suppose time will come, but man... it's a tough ride.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Babysitter, Babysitter, My Kingdom for a Babysitter!


Why is it when teenagers are finally old enough to babysit, they no longer have enough time to babysit???

I've called TOO MANY. No one available. We're not even talking a Friday night...

Thank goodness for nieces. And sisters. And friends. And no wonder date night gets postponed...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Featured on Burb

Hey! I'm on Burb Mom! cool! My post on "can I cut your meat dear?"

You can check it out here: burb Mom

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wondering about my Toothless Wonder

Wiggle, wiggle. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

All day. No budging. Tomorrow she leaves for camp, and she was worried it would come out while she was gone.

Promises of tooth fairy magic, concerns of mislocation.

Wiggle, wiggle.

We forget about it for a while. Then CRASH! Bed jumping accident, tooth accident, problem solved.

Big toothless grin, and toothfairy dreams. Aaaaaahhhh... to be 6.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camp Grandma this Week

The girls are off at "Camp Grandma" this week. They head out-of-state for a week each summer to spend time with grandparents and cousins, without the watchful eye of old Mom and Dad.

They sent this picture yesterday of them riding a horse. I know they are thrilled! (So, I guess I can overlook the fact that they went horseback riding in the dresses I sent for church, and flip flops??)
All of the sudden, there's only one load of wash a day, one load of dishes, and no one begging for snacks. Yesterday, I forgot about lunch because no one said "Mom, I'm hungry." I still make up silly songs, dance around the kitchen and tell really bad jokes (to myself). Only no one "Maaaooooommmmmm!.." And no one giggles.
The Polly pockets have sat in their box, not once escaping to make a mountain out of the ironing board. The dog hasn't been in trouble once for chewing something that was forgotten and left out.
So I suppose I should be at the spa or lunching with friends. But mostly? Mostly I'm wandering around wondering what I'm doing with myself. Wishing they were here. Stunned at the silence. Missing them.
My husband and I find ourselves refering to "K would have loved this" or "Just like K!" -- it's tough to turn that parenting stuff off.
I hope your having fun girls, but hurry back. Your Dad isn't going to tolerate me cutting his meat into tiny pieces much longer.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Critterman Entertains and Educates at the Flower Mound Library

What's better than an afternoon in the air conditioning on a hot July day?

An afternoon at the Flower Mound library! This week FML hosted Critterman to a packed house with "sold out" tickets. (The tickets are actually free, but they were all gone!)

Critterman was entertaining, educational, and just a darn good dose of fun for all as he showed his collection of critters. Among them were an alligator (who brought screams to bring the house down... no shushing here!), a box turtle, a Texas toad, a King snake and a ferret.
The children packed high and low, were far too entertained to be trouble, and there were even children peeking through the windows for a glimpse of the animals. Thank you Critterman!
The Flower Mound library offers all sorts of free fun for kids and adults alike in July. If you haven't already, check their site for upcoming dates.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Blue Bell Primer and Shhhh! I found it! Southern Blackberry Cobbler

Ahhh! The elusive Southern Blackberry ice cream!! I found it!

First, a primer. Even if you didn't grow up in Texas, if you've been here more than say, a couple of hours... you probably know about Blue Bell ice cream.

Churned up in Brenham, Texas it's about as good as it gets. What you might not have known- Blue Bell makes different flavors, and they rotate. They post the current rotation on their website. (Curses! It used to be only the true followers who knew when the best flavors would be available, but that darned technology has evened the playing field a bit.)
Flavors are made for three months, then they are rotated out and new ones become available. Actually, this isn't entirely true. But that's the blurb from their site. Actually, what happens is they make a small stockpile and they replenish the stores for three months. Once the flavor is sold out, it's gone!
So... what's all this much-a-do about ice cream? Well my friends, it's Southern Blackberry Cobbler rotation time. This is probably one of the most elusive Blue Bell flavors there is (aside from maybe Homemade peaches and cream). I'm always on the look out for it.
This baby is like the Fourth of July picnic and a reunion picnic all rolled into one! Little pieces of flaky crust and a scrumptious ribbon of blackberry cobbler goodness like only your grammy could make!
Let me pause here to tell you flat out that I am NOT being compensated by Blue Bell in anyway for my love of ice cream.

Well, Southern Blackberry Cobbler lovers- I found a few in Flower Mound. And no, I didn't even buy them all. So get on over to the new Kroger at 3040 and Morriss. But I'd make it quick, cause my bowl is empty.

MK :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kathlyn turns 6 1/2

Kat turned 6 1/2 today. Silly you say? Seriously-- do you remember how long it took between birthdays when you were little???
Nope we're a "celebrating" type family. No sense waiting a whole year to have a little fun.

We don't have a major blowout on the 1/2 birthdays, but we do acknowledge them. The official rule at our humble abode is:

  • pick dinner
  • pick a rental movie
  • ice cream for dessert (Sometimes we switch the ice cream for chocolate pudding.)

Kat's pick was Star Wars. The girls were watching Star Wars Return of the Jedi (which Kaylee has dubbed "The coming back of the white guys"). So Kathlyn took a time out to dress up as Padme. Don't you just love that they start playing the movie instead of watching it? I love that!

Check out her toes sticking out from the boot tips.... A night of chicken nuggets, chocolate chip cookies and Star Wars. And a big smile from my 1/2 birthday girl.

Anyone got a Spare Baby?

I was working on stuff for my FAVORITE of favorite craft fairs today (Fall on the Mound at TMUMC in Septemeber)... when it hit me.

I no longer have a built in model.

Oh sure, last year I might have babified Kaylee up (seriously, I have no pride) and taken some photos of her in her all-so-extra-tininess. But at nearly 5, that's not gonna fly this year. So suddenly. I find myself, literally, in need of a baby.

Now those of you who know me, I need to say this... I do promise to give them back. Really. I mean it. If any of you have a spare baby, who might want to trade some cute things for some high quality photographs for advertising, please let me know.

There's more of Fall on the Mound somewhere down this blog-- I'll try to find the link for you so I don't repeat myself. It's an awesome show! Everything has to be handmade... which I just adore. The creativity of the people around here is amazing. Ask anyone who's been to it, they'll agree-- one of the best around.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Free Ipod for Christmas

Hey, wouldn't that be a cheap gift??

Deal Seeking mom is sponsoring a give-away for Xtra Xtra! Check it out on her website

Technorati code update


Friday, July 3, 2009

Flower Mound July 4th - Patriotic Hair

Tomorrow is one of my all time favorite Flower Mound events... the kids Fourth of July Parade.

Starting at about 10:30 they all line up on Timber Creek on decorated bicycles, skateboards, wagons and what-not and proceed to the park, where there are free hot dogs, popcorn, lemonade and bounce houses, as well as a magician.

This year we decided to have crazy red-white-and blue hair, just for the event. There are always hundreds of parade participants, and typically about 8 - 10 watchers. :) Fun is had by all!

Guilt when Cinderella loses a leg ...

Cinderella lost a leg today. She had an unfortunate encounter with a huge furry monster (well, huge to her anyway..).
So as I was preparing to throw her away, I felt a little guilt. Am I teaching my children the wrong lesson by throwing Cinderella away just because she lost a leg??? Then, I got mad that I felt guilty about this. Crap, what has society done to me that I can't throw away a broken toy???
In these days of reuse, reduce, recycle and respect... it's tough to throw even a dog-slobbered broken amputee toy in the trash. No wonder my house is a wreck!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fourth of July Cookies!

We have a lot of cookie dough. No , I mean, like A LOT of cookie dough.

So time for a little fun.

True, nothing fancy-- but just the thing to make two little girls eat their Chicken Spaghetti Alfredo. (Which is actually quite tasty if you are over the age of say,... 6.)

Marquette Dance Camp

Kathlyn finished up Marquette dance camp today, under the direction of one Miss (wonderful) Alice Dack.
Each day campers worked on skills, technique and learned a few short routines to super-sweet pop tunes from your 6-9 year old's short list of favorites.
Then, after four days, they had show-off. Like the other parents I was there, camera in hand to see what she had learned. (So proud!)
Of course, some of what she learned had nothing to do with dance, and I'm equally proud of her for those things.
Share with others. One little girl did not have a snack each day. Kathlyn asked for extra fruit so she could share with her, if I didn't mind. (I swell with pride here...)
Even if you don't know anyone, you can still have fun. It's tough to go out there without knowing someone your age. But by the end she was asking for phone numbers and arranging her own playdates. She went out hugging a new friend from a different school.
Be a good listener. She can't always tell me what they did, but she does remember what they said.
I was so pleased with the teenagers who helped with this camp, that we are likely to send both back next summer. There were piggy back rides, hair braiding and general "big sister" attitude all around. Kudos to this group of young women for being such gracious hosts, and for making this 6-year old one happy camper!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our adventure weekend in Granbury

This weekend Kat had a swim meet in Granbury. She swam her heart out! Butterfly, freestyle and backstroke.

It was one of those "car" weekends, but we managed to turn it into some quality family time. Kev had to be in Weatherford, we were in Granbury and the next day all of us had to be in Stephenville together. So we met in Granbury after Kat's meet-- and had a little family overnight.

The girls were super excited about staying in the hotel. A little refrigerator! A microwave! Big fluffy pillows! And one extra-frozen-indoor swimming pool with a tile shark on the bottom!

First, we got our fill at Hanks, a really fun family eatery on the square. Each table had a dfiferent set of novelty salt and pepper shakers. (The girls had a blast before it was busy, checking each checking each table to see what their shakers were.) Also, hanging from the ceiling is a plethera of screen doors-- fun! Top it off with good food and Dr. Pepper cake for dessert, how can you lose?
Then we took a dip in the lake at the beach park. White sand, gently waves and warm lake water were perfect! The girls had fun chasing ducks and walking the boardwalk. Kat built a giant sandcastle.

Life is usually full of rules, and a child's life has a few too many no's... so we took a little time off from that and just let chaos rule a little. They jumped on the beds... opened and closed the fridge... changed the thermostat..... all those things you can't always do at home.

We all came home a little recharged. Life is good.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

@ the swim nazi's...

Today little bit did one heck of a backstroke! She was tearing it up. You go girl!
Kat also had a great day, improving her racing dive and her butterfly- I'll try to get a better photo of it tomorrow. I was too busy cheering!


Kat starts a Cheer / Tumbling class today.

Most true Texas cheer moms would tell you-- the "tumbling" is redundant. But not being fully indoctrinated yet, I feel a little weird still saying she's taking a cheer class.

Kat's been wanting to take a tumble class ever since she learned to cartwheel- so tonight she starts. SHe had begged for the clinics, but it's actually cheaper to go ahead and let her take the class.

I hope she loves it! It brings back all sorts of wonderful childhood memories of me and my sisters- and flat expanses of green lawn, and the occasional band-aid.

She loved cheering last fall, especially being the flyer- and doing cartwheels this spring in her dance routine.

Yes, Lisa S- sometimes the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

Monday, June 22, 2009

kaylee's a poser..

Never content to have sis steal her spotlight, Kaylee begs for a photo

The Swim Nazi

I love, love, love the girls swim teacher. So please take that title with a grain of salt. It, I assure you, is meant as a total term of endearment!

For 4 years, the girls have had swim camp in her backyard, and under her loving care they have blossomed into what I consider remarkable swimmers. (Hold off on those Olympic trials just a wee bit longer...)

With Kat in both swim team and lessons this year, her progress has been especially noteable. Her teacher has worked on her with diving starts, backstroke push offs (real name?) and form-- while her coach has worked on endurance, endurance and endurance.

Her swim teacher, with her sweet, southern accent.... does not take any excuses. She is so drippy sweet and confident, but she just won't accept failure. (This is why we have coined her the swim Nazi. ) Today I was reminded of again, how special she is to us. Heaven help me the day they outgrow swim camp... it will be a sad, sad day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

When they cry..

There were tears today. Again. Kat has figured out she can cry, and they won't make her swim all her swim team laps.

This is completely maddening for so many, many reasons.

Because she is capable. Because it is manipulating. Because it is so.... dishonest. She's robbing herself of the experience. And..... and this is a really, really tough one for me... she's getting to be known as the (gasp...) "cryer".

I tried to explain this on the way home. I hope some of it sank in.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Old Switcheroo! Is this not the blog you expected?

I keep 3 blogs.

One, is dedicated to being cheap.
Then They Keep Me In Stitches about adventures with my girls and how they make me giggle, and finally Keeps Me In Stitches which has my tutorials, reviews, my own projects, and links to free embroidery designs.

I had to rearrange a bit-- in an effort to allign the name with my business related stuff.

So if you are suddenly finding yourself wondering "why am I linked to this person's children???" the blog you are realy looking for is here.

Sorry about the mix-up. You'll need to "re-follow" (okay, that's not really a word...) to be following the correct link from now on.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fall on the Mound September 26

Fall on the Mound, September 26

Mark your calendars north Texas for my favorite craft fair of the year. This year on September 26. Everything has to be homemade, and there is always a huge variety! You can look for me (& possibly ubermomof4 (etsy) to be sharing a booth in the Ministry center.

See you then!
September 26, 2009
Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church
6101 Morriss Road
Flower Mound, TX 75028
(just north of DFW airport)
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The New Website

Wow! That took a while!

Complain about the job someone else is doing and you get... to do it yourself. This is the curse among crafters (C'mon... you know you do it...)

I spent a little time learning about style sheets. (I am still far from an expert!) but after the fiasco of trying to buy a website I needed to take a little control.

...go ahead, call me a control freak...

The lady who built my site is no longer operating her site. Perhaps she took a step back to educate herself. I hope so, anyway.

I did learn about a SUPER DUPER web tool that is (trumpets blaring dunt-dunt-dunt-dahhhhhh!!!!--- FREE!) Now those of you have ever checked out Rubber Dollar know that very few things get me as excited as the sign of the free.

The program is called zencart and it's everything you need to run your on-line store. You still need to know some basic style sheet knowledge-- but it is leaps and bounds above what I overpaid for last year.

I also learned how to add some really great features like the ability to save your cart (the whole thing is SSL-- never fear..) and mail to another person if you'd like to send a gift. You can even sign up for my newsletter and get fun discount codes! The whole thing is incredibly feature rich and run by the most remarkable group of very helpful, downright friendly people. You should definitely check it out.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm finally finished with the drapes over in Tealwood Est. - - she had the most beautiful fabric choices. I really love how she decorates.

Also finished a little apron and chef hat for a birthday gift, DD went to a party Saturday.

This week we're all a little under the weather, but I managed to complete two tutus promised to the girls- one with pink ribbons for Valentine's Day dance class.