Monday, July 6, 2009

Kathlyn turns 6 1/2

Kat turned 6 1/2 today. Silly you say? Seriously-- do you remember how long it took between birthdays when you were little???
Nope we're a "celebrating" type family. No sense waiting a whole year to have a little fun.

We don't have a major blowout on the 1/2 birthdays, but we do acknowledge them. The official rule at our humble abode is:

  • pick dinner
  • pick a rental movie
  • ice cream for dessert (Sometimes we switch the ice cream for chocolate pudding.)

Kat's pick was Star Wars. The girls were watching Star Wars Return of the Jedi (which Kaylee has dubbed "The coming back of the white guys"). So Kathlyn took a time out to dress up as Padme. Don't you just love that they start playing the movie instead of watching it? I love that!

Check out her toes sticking out from the boot tips.... A night of chicken nuggets, chocolate chip cookies and Star Wars. And a big smile from my 1/2 birthday girl.

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