Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Make Puppy Cupcakes

Tomorrow little bit turns 5. Wow!
So off to school go puppy cupcakes. It's the last year I can make them myself, as they have a rule here in Lewisville ISD about that stuff.
I made the basic chocolate variety, buttercream icing piped on by bag, then the fun started.
Gingersnaps (used because they are MY favorite and there will be left overs :-) )cut in half are the ears, chocolate chips are the eyes and a Reeses baking chip (tiny reeses cups) are the nose. The tongues are a tiny slice of a red gummy worm.
Dog-gone fun!

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miadell said...

Thank you for these wonderful puppy cupcake ideas! I am making them for my 4 year old's puppy birthday party this Saturday. Also, I have to tell you that my 8 year old is a Kathlyn as well. I have never met another Kathlyn so I had to say hello.