Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gotta Good Craft Fair?

I love craft fairs.
I love the little dance the vendors do before hand- looking at each others stuff.
I love the anticipation.
I even love the little grandmothers who come by, turn things inside out and see how to make it themselves.

Most people at true craft fairs (no offense to home business type-- but I mean the total all hand-made type of craft fair) is that most of us have day jobs. Most people craft out of love for process. Because it's a calling. Sure-- that first clippie might have started as a "bet I can make that cheaper" but very soon it becomes an obsession that takes over your living room, your bedroom closet, and every other nook and cranny. (Oops!-- Sweetie, are you reading?)

Well it's season again-- that magical time between School starting and Christmas when most of them happen.

I'm doing a few of my absolute favorite ones this year.. if you are a DFW gal like myself, these are not the biggest--- just my favs.

One is the Liberty Elementary Craft Fair.
Now these women know how to do the Holiday Craft fair! Breakfast with Santa! Funnel Cakes! Make your own stuffed animal! Live Reindeer!
I can hardly wait.

Holy Historical Batman! The Single most incredible dress - ever!

You simply won't believe it! Ruffle-fabulouso in princess historical heaven!

If I can't win this for Kathlyn's princess party, I might have to try one. It's by far one of the most fun dresses I've seen lately!

(I hear you guys snickering at me finding 500 hours. But I've got news... for me it would be more like 700!)