Friday, July 10, 2009

Critterman Entertains and Educates at the Flower Mound Library

What's better than an afternoon in the air conditioning on a hot July day?

An afternoon at the Flower Mound library! This week FML hosted Critterman to a packed house with "sold out" tickets. (The tickets are actually free, but they were all gone!)

Critterman was entertaining, educational, and just a darn good dose of fun for all as he showed his collection of critters. Among them were an alligator (who brought screams to bring the house down... no shushing here!), a box turtle, a Texas toad, a King snake and a ferret.
The children packed high and low, were far too entertained to be trouble, and there were even children peeking through the windows for a glimpse of the animals. Thank you Critterman!
The Flower Mound library offers all sorts of free fun for kids and adults alike in July. If you haven't already, check their site for upcoming dates.

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