Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marquette Dance Camp

Kathlyn finished up Marquette dance camp today, under the direction of one Miss (wonderful) Alice Dack.
Each day campers worked on skills, technique and learned a few short routines to super-sweet pop tunes from your 6-9 year old's short list of favorites.
Then, after four days, they had show-off. Like the other parents I was there, camera in hand to see what she had learned. (So proud!)
Of course, some of what she learned had nothing to do with dance, and I'm equally proud of her for those things.
Share with others. One little girl did not have a snack each day. Kathlyn asked for extra fruit so she could share with her, if I didn't mind. (I swell with pride here...)
Even if you don't know anyone, you can still have fun. It's tough to go out there without knowing someone your age. But by the end she was asking for phone numbers and arranging her own playdates. She went out hugging a new friend from a different school.
Be a good listener. She can't always tell me what they did, but she does remember what they said.
I was so pleased with the teenagers who helped with this camp, that we are likely to send both back next summer. There were piggy back rides, hair braiding and general "big sister" attitude all around. Kudos to this group of young women for being such gracious hosts, and for making this 6-year old one happy camper!

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