Saturday, September 5, 2009

Greeting The Soldiers

When the alarm went off early this Saturday morning, the look on my face was not one of "get-up-and-go".

As a family we had gone last month to DFW airport to greet the soldiers returning to the US. The girls had made posters, bathed- put on their best red white and blue... and the plane did not come that day. So today, we decided to go again.

I pulled myself up, but couldn't find my spirit-- until after I got there. Even before the soldiers arrived, I had goose bumps. Families were gleaming, waiting on loved ones. We formed two lines and held our signs and flags, and patriotic music played loudly from a stereo. Then they started coming through the line.

A few looked a little overwhelmed by us, but most shook our hands and gave a hearty smile. The girls held their "WELCOME HOME. Thank you!" signs and waived flags. I noticed how young, and how tired some of them looked. I wondered if they had to go right back? Some were from the cape of Africa, some from Iraq, and some from other places. Some were injured, some were hurrying to meet a plane.

I left with goosebumps and a song in my heart. My hubby had a tear in his eye.

It was more than I had planned for. We'll be back next month.
Thank you.. thank you for not everything you do, and everything you represent, but also thank you for reminding ME how much there is to be thankful for.


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