Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our adventure weekend in Granbury

This weekend Kat had a swim meet in Granbury. She swam her heart out! Butterfly, freestyle and backstroke.

It was one of those "car" weekends, but we managed to turn it into some quality family time. Kev had to be in Weatherford, we were in Granbury and the next day all of us had to be in Stephenville together. So we met in Granbury after Kat's meet-- and had a little family overnight.

The girls were super excited about staying in the hotel. A little refrigerator! A microwave! Big fluffy pillows! And one extra-frozen-indoor swimming pool with a tile shark on the bottom!

First, we got our fill at Hanks, a really fun family eatery on the square. Each table had a dfiferent set of novelty salt and pepper shakers. (The girls had a blast before it was busy, checking each checking each table to see what their shakers were.) Also, hanging from the ceiling is a plethera of screen doors-- fun! Top it off with good food and Dr. Pepper cake for dessert, how can you lose?
Then we took a dip in the lake at the beach park. White sand, gently waves and warm lake water were perfect! The girls had fun chasing ducks and walking the boardwalk. Kat built a giant sandcastle.

Life is usually full of rules, and a child's life has a few too many no's... so we took a little time off from that and just let chaos rule a little. They jumped on the beds... opened and closed the fridge... changed the thermostat..... all those things you can't always do at home.

We all came home a little recharged. Life is good.

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