Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rewiring a Hunter LED fan

There is a really great post on this subject on written by someone who obviously has a little more wiring experience. I was hoping for a few more photos. :)

So in case you too, have a Hunter LED fan with pitiful output-- Here's a couple of EXTRA steps, which might make it clearer for the less mechanically inclined. It would have saved me a little headache.

1. Remove the light globe, and then remove the led panel. This clicks into a red and black wire via a black connector. Do NOT try to attach the light bulb to these wires. (It won't work, the black here is a ground wire.)
2. Remove the silver "tray" under the LED lighting.
3. Remove the vented housing (this was not intutitive for me, it looked like something that didn't need to come off) This is the housing is located directly under the blades. Do not worry, the blades will not come off. It is held on by three screws. One you have to screw out, and the other two have keyholes, where you can twist to remove the housing.
4. Remove the "lid" to this housing. (It screws on.)
5. You should now see wires, and a small black box. Into the black box two wires (these are both 12 V) and out comes a red and black wire. Cut the two white wires as close to the box as possible, and remove the black box. (This is the AC/DC convertor.)
6. These two wires are the wires you need for your bulb (s). If you have one bulb only, just connect one wire to each side. If you need more bulbs (more light) you will need to connect them in parallel.
7. To connect bulbs in parallel- you need short pieces of coated wire, twist connectors, and bulb sockets. (Get the kind with screws, it will make your life easier.) Run a black wire from each bulb to the black wire (twist with connector) then repeat with white. Do not "chain" them together-- unless you are going for a disco strobe effect. :)

Just a note-- the original directions were wonderful, check them out. This is not intended in any way to take away from the hard work, photos or ingenuity of Dell. I just wanted to provide some more detail for those who might be new at this.

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