Monday, June 22, 2009

The Swim Nazi

I love, love, love the girls swim teacher. So please take that title with a grain of salt. It, I assure you, is meant as a total term of endearment!

For 4 years, the girls have had swim camp in her backyard, and under her loving care they have blossomed into what I consider remarkable swimmers. (Hold off on those Olympic trials just a wee bit longer...)

With Kat in both swim team and lessons this year, her progress has been especially noteable. Her teacher has worked on her with diving starts, backstroke push offs (real name?) and form-- while her coach has worked on endurance, endurance and endurance.

Her swim teacher, with her sweet, southern accent.... does not take any excuses. She is so drippy sweet and confident, but she just won't accept failure. (This is why we have coined her the swim Nazi. ) Today I was reminded of again, how special she is to us. Heaven help me the day they outgrow swim camp... it will be a sad, sad day.

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