Monday, July 6, 2009

Anyone got a Spare Baby?

I was working on stuff for my FAVORITE of favorite craft fairs today (Fall on the Mound at TMUMC in Septemeber)... when it hit me.

I no longer have a built in model.

Oh sure, last year I might have babified Kaylee up (seriously, I have no pride) and taken some photos of her in her all-so-extra-tininess. But at nearly 5, that's not gonna fly this year. So suddenly. I find myself, literally, in need of a baby.

Now those of you who know me, I need to say this... I do promise to give them back. Really. I mean it. If any of you have a spare baby, who might want to trade some cute things for some high quality photographs for advertising, please let me know.

There's more of Fall on the Mound somewhere down this blog-- I'll try to find the link for you so I don't repeat myself. It's an awesome show! Everything has to be handmade... which I just adore. The creativity of the people around here is amazing. Ask anyone who's been to it, they'll agree-- one of the best around.

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