Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Blue Bell Primer and Shhhh! I found it! Southern Blackberry Cobbler

Ahhh! The elusive Southern Blackberry ice cream!! I found it!

First, a primer. Even if you didn't grow up in Texas, if you've been here more than say, a couple of hours... you probably know about Blue Bell ice cream.

Churned up in Brenham, Texas it's about as good as it gets. What you might not have known- Blue Bell makes different flavors, and they rotate. They post the current rotation on their website. (Curses! It used to be only the true followers who knew when the best flavors would be available, but that darned technology has evened the playing field a bit.)
Flavors are made for three months, then they are rotated out and new ones become available. Actually, this isn't entirely true. But that's the blurb from their site. Actually, what happens is they make a small stockpile and they replenish the stores for three months. Once the flavor is sold out, it's gone!
So... what's all this much-a-do about ice cream? Well my friends, it's Southern Blackberry Cobbler rotation time. This is probably one of the most elusive Blue Bell flavors there is (aside from maybe Homemade peaches and cream). I'm always on the look out for it.
This baby is like the Fourth of July picnic and a reunion picnic all rolled into one! Little pieces of flaky crust and a scrumptious ribbon of blackberry cobbler goodness like only your grammy could make!
Let me pause here to tell you flat out that I am NOT being compensated by Blue Bell in anyway for my love of ice cream.

Well, Southern Blackberry Cobbler lovers- I found a few in Flower Mound. And no, I didn't even buy them all. So get on over to the new Kroger at 3040 and Morriss. But I'd make it quick, cause my bowl is empty.

MK :)

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