Saturday, June 13, 2009

The New Website

Wow! That took a while!

Complain about the job someone else is doing and you get... to do it yourself. This is the curse among crafters (C'mon... you know you do it...)

I spent a little time learning about style sheets. (I am still far from an expert!) but after the fiasco of trying to buy a website I needed to take a little control.

...go ahead, call me a control freak...

The lady who built my site is no longer operating her site. Perhaps she took a step back to educate herself. I hope so, anyway.

I did learn about a SUPER DUPER web tool that is (trumpets blaring dunt-dunt-dunt-dahhhhhh!!!!--- FREE!) Now those of you have ever checked out Rubber Dollar know that very few things get me as excited as the sign of the free.

The program is called zencart and it's everything you need to run your on-line store. You still need to know some basic style sheet knowledge-- but it is leaps and bounds above what I overpaid for last year.

I also learned how to add some really great features like the ability to save your cart (the whole thing is SSL-- never fear..) and mail to another person if you'd like to send a gift. You can even sign up for my newsletter and get fun discount codes! The whole thing is incredibly feature rich and run by the most remarkable group of very helpful, downright friendly people. You should definitely check it out.

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