Friday, February 4, 2011

Say it Ain't Sew.... Jim and Diane are Retiring!

Ask them a sewing question, go ahead. Ask them a computer question, please. Go ahead ask them about their grandchildren--- and watch their face light up.

A truly great adventure into sewing that SO SADLY is ending this month. Over the years, whenever someone has asked about where and what to buy regarding sewing machines.... I have always directed them to the same place.

For a decade and a half, there is no other person I would trust to work on my machines.

Now, they are taking some much needed time, to enjoy life. I'm so sad!! (Only selfishly formyself, not for them.)

Over the years, I have come to think of them as family. If you haven't ever had the pleasure-- stop by this week. They are having a huge sale. Wish them congratulations and good luck, then quietly return to your car and sob. A Giant craft store could never take their place, the fact that they know your name when you walk in-- that they actually know how to sew and have years of experience on all things digitizing and sewing. There is no other pair like the Stutsmans. Jim and Diane-- you will be missed!

Mary Kay wasn't born cheap... but she got there pretty quickly.

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