Saturday, January 22, 2011

What do you tell? And When?

It's pretty clear after 8 years, I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I wonder if I'll ever figure it out....

One of the lessons we're working on at my house is "you don't have to say everything that is in your head" -- and primarily, how this is different than lying.

K2 has a lot of trouble with this issue, and hoenstly, so do most adults. We've gotten the little white lie down. But knowing when to say NOTHING is a whole other matter.

K2 told her friend that she liked her hair better before it was cut. Little friend cries. You don't have to say everything that's in your head...

The Sunday school teacher in me though, feels an obligation to make the very same mistake when it involves the well being of our children.
When do you tell? And What?
If you hear a teenager saying they smoke, do you talk to your friend, their mom? What about cutting class? or vandalism? And when, when do you say something?

Or is this a matter of NOT saying everything that's in your head?

When I was growing up, many a teenage boy called my Dad to be rescued from where they had their car stuck late at night. They didn't want to call their parents. Most of these were "parking" incidents. But what if the teen had been drinking? He would have driven them home, but probably wouldn't have told their parents.

I's pretty sure I lost a friend this week. It makes me sad in ways I can't even tell you. I miss you Dad. Always, but this week in particular.

It's pushed into our mind that as responsible adults we must tell certain things. Gotcha. But what about some of the "fringe" things...?

Mary Kay still hasn't figured out the Mom thing. Hopefully I'll get it before they are gone!

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