Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free Flowers from the Flower Cart

Is Valentine's Day really Monday?

If your Valentine's has been more about games and party favors lately, might want to forward this post to the sweetie. Chocolate will always melt a girl's heart, but these flowers might also help you get feel Lucky!
There's a very sweet florist in Coppell, that wants to help make your Valentine's Day special!

The folks over at The Flower Cart would like you to visit their website, so they are offering up a chance for some free Valentine flowers.
One very lucky reader will get free a $30 gift card from The Flower Cart! No strings attached! (Unless of course, you specifically order something with strings.... :-) ).

If you are in the Dallas area, stop in. They are an uplifting little place in Coppell on Sandy Lake Road, run by a flower's best friend, Steve.

If Mr. They-Keep-Me-in-Stitches is reading, I'm always a sucker for beautiful blooms in boxes. Steve would know what that's called. They also have some really gorgeous more traditional bouquets...
Go ahead with that Dallas florist delivery.

Ready to Play?
Couldn't be easier. Leave me a comment here with one of your very favorite Valentine's Day gifts or memories.
Want another entry? Link to this post on your facebook page. (Be sure to come back and comment you did this).
Send a tweet out to your friends...
I want to make sure you have time for that FTD delivery, so I'll close the contest at 7 PM on Thursday.
Go ahead, check out their Dallas Florist website and check out what you might want with your winnings!
The shop will send you the gift card directly, so I wanted to make sure you had plenty of time. So enter quickly!

Mary Kay wasn't born cheap... but she got there pretty quickly. In case of bad weather or missed mail, I can't be held responsible. The Flower Cart is a great place, I'm sure your gift card will get there, but I need to keep this legal. The folks at The Flower Cart let me come over and try some flowers so I could review their shop.They did not require me to say anything positive about them, just mention who and where they were.  I can tell you I will  say positive things about them, because they are just the sort of local business I really hope makes it in Coppell. :-)


Mary K said...

Last Day! Be sure to leave your comment by 7 PM!

Barbara W said...

I remember the year my husband bought both of us socks! THey were tied with a cute ribbon and said "we're quite a pair <3 ".

Bridget said...

I loved the Valentine parties in Elementary school! To tell you how long ago that was;I buy old fashioned class valentines at the antique malls! I collect them, and they bring back those sweet memories!

pam said...

This may sound odd for most women with a romantic side...but I decorate my kitchen in red and white with heart balloons, and flowers and order either Thai food or Sushi for my husband and I...and our 2 young children. We each get a heart full of chocolates and head to the hottub afterwards! Not so romantic but a fun tradition for us all!!!

Kathy j said...

I love making my sweetie fun dinner...we put the kids to bed early and spend a little couple time.

Christina said...

You are hilarious! Love the blog! :)

Gina said...

One of my favorite memories is from when we were young in high school. Things were simple and fun. I made Mike Lasagna and he bought me flowers and my favorite cd at the time Sophie B. Hawkins. I bought all the things to have a picnic and we had it on my parent's kitchen floor. :)

Mary K said...

You are ALL winners in my book! What great stories!

I chose the winner using from facebook comments and blog comments (there were 8 total...) and the winner was.... Julie K in Flower Mound! Congrats Julie!

Please contact me about getting you your gc. :-)