Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Hobo, or at least very poor

My family is very rich in all the ways that count. We have lots of love, laughs, plenty to eat, strong faith... but material things are sometimes a little tight. We don't always have the newest toys, drive the newest cars--

This hasn't really been an issue. Until this week.

Big K came home from school to tell me that a boy (a really cute-y pie boy, of course..) told her he thought she must be a HOBO, or at least very, very poor. (Hobo? Does anyone use this word anymore?)

I'm not sure why this made my blood boil. My daughter is bright, funny and beautiful. She has a heart of gold. (Sure sweetie I get it. He has Bambi eyelashes and a toothpaste ad smile...) She would never think to taunt another child. (Go ahead, darling... I'll look the other way..)
As a mom, we frequently have to watch our "Momma bear claws". The Mom of this child would most likely be horrified he had said such a thing.
For now, I told her maybe he's not the boy for her. (Biting lip...) If he can't see her wonderful qualities, it's time to move on. (Please, please... stop chasing this boy. You are only headed for more heartache. He will continue to make you cry. Now he knows he can...) In my head, I don't worry. She's destined for great things. I explained to her that children are not actually rich or poor. Their parents might own a nice car or a big house, but the child himself OWNS NOTHING. (That's why you are going to school-- to learn things to help you become who you will be. Learn things besides the fact that some boys are jerks...)

Some lessons are harder than others. Sometimes, it would be easier if we could take the bite for them. But we can't. Life's lessons are out there, and we must stand on the sideline --biting our lip.

Mary Kay wasn't born cheap... but she got there pretty quickly.

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