Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on PanFried Eggrolls, and new recipie

In case you just arrived, I'm cooking up goodies from the cooking Light June 2010. The first one was egg rolls. The panfried egg rolls were a big hit in my house by everyone over 10. My husband even gave me a "yummy..." (be still my heart!)

They were super easy to make, and Gulf Shrimp 21/25 were on sale at Kroger for $5.95 /lb so they were fairly economical. Knowing there might be some dissention ahead of time, I cooked up some shrimp a little dfifferently, just for the girls.

things I didn't have and had to buy:
  1. bean sprouts (I ended up using canned, as I couldn't find any fresh)
  2. sweet chili sauce (not at all upset about this as we loved it! I can find lots of useages for this)
  3. shrimp (duh!)
  4. egg roll wrappers (these are in the refridgerated produce section next to organic and meatless things)
  5. Rice Vinegar - This is a staple, but I was out.

Overall, not the cheapest recipe.

Things I wish the magazine had told me about cooking them:
  • Pretty small. I ended up throwing a few more shrimp in them, and a few more bean sprouts. Probably took all the "light" out of the recipe, but we thoroughly enjoyed them!
  • They fried a lot quicker than the magazine suggested at 7 minutes. Mine were more like 3 minutes. Nice and quick, but watch them or they'll burn.

Mary Kay wasn't born cheap... but she got there pretty quickly.

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