Monday, May 3, 2010

Teacher's Job Fair- Update

So it won't come to a surprise to anyone who knows me, but today I attended the North Texas Teacher's Job Fair at the Arlington Convention Center.

I am sad about this because:
  1. I spent countless hours working on individualizing cover letters and looking up names/titles. One person looked at my carefully constructed packet, tore off the resume, and handed me back the rest.
  2. Each district within a 60 mile driving radius to my house had at LEAST a half hour wait to talk to someone. The "Talk" then consisted of them basically saying "did you bring a resume?" (See number one...)
  3. For this glorious waste of time I missed my pre-school class bringing me roses one by one. :(

I'd be curious what the actual attendance ratio to jobs available numbers would be for this event. I'm guessing they looked like this:

5,678,532 elementary education applicants : 6 jobs

356 bilingual applicants : 489 jobs

2,789 secondary applicants : 48 jobs

10 fine arts applicants : 35 jobs (This table was open at every district!)

6,785,322 cars: 253 parking spots

I'm sitting for my ESL test next weekend, then I'm going to start studying for my 4-8 math. In the meantime, anyone need help flipping burgers?

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