Friday, January 4, 2013

Stuffing 10 Year Olds

Last night was Big K's decade bash....I guess actually still going, since they are all asleep.

I was reading back over old posts and I must say, I'm really glad that (thus far) the tween years have not been as awful so far as it looked like they might be at one point. Big K is turning into a girl I'm quite proud of--finding her own little spot. And thankfully, boys are back again off radar for a while. :)

This year brought a lot of firsts for her. She tried out for and got a reading role at the Christmas Eve mass, she was invited to try the diving team, she started wearing contacts and caring about her appearance more (thank goodness!)

Although school is getting a tiny bit tougher for her (we've always felt she probably has mild dyslexia), she continues to make all A's, at least so far.

Most importantly, she has two tried-and-true best friends. Girls who I would be happy to claim as my own. They keep her grounded, and make all the other little tween bumps more tolerable. As a side bonus, they have parents who I trust implicitly. I truly never worry a stitch about them under the care of these sweet friends...a twist that makes their special friendship even more special for mom.

So, we didn't go the regular party route this year. This year, we took the girlies for mani-pedis at a local place. Then to lunch ( how much do I love MooYah?). Then to dinner later at Patrizio's. although there were plans to deep fried Oreos and watching late going night movies....never got there. For one thing,not a single one of us could finish dinner. Little K made a valiant effort, but their lasagna really should have 'Mt.' In front of it. For the most part they just wanted to hang out.(and spend a little too much time on their gadgets).

Small side note on Patrizio's... I cant say enough on how wonderful they were to us for Big K's day. A table with four children doesn't always get treated fabulously, but they did everything to make her night special. The food, the staff and everyone was truly wonderful.

Hard to believe my baby girl is 10. How did we get HERE? I love you Big K. You make me proud.

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